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Finally getting the hang of this modular lark ...
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Author Finally getting the hang of this modular lark ...
... and loving it! I started my journey into modular just about two years ago. Like many people, I started with a Mother-32. Since then my slow acquisition of modules has got me enjoying the journey so much that I am not sure I have a destination in mind. My ‘style’ of synthesis, or curating sounds, is starting to come into focus and I am really enjoying making sounds from nothing. And I have been shocked to find that I enjoy some avant-garde and ambient music styles! When I hear synths now, I can ‘see’ the patch in my mind ... I guess that drives one into the fringes — after a while, synth x with filter sweep y isn’t mysterious any longer and those long, complex drones take on new meaning to me as a listener.

I play various instruments in a prog rock band, and it’s all very ‘schooled’ and composed ... ditto with my retrowave project. Making music sans ‘instrument’, or keyboard, is very liberating!

Not much point to this post other than to say ‘thanks’ to all you good folks here at Muffs; the accumulated knowledge here has been invaluable.

Looking forward to seeing where this all leads!
Same here. I waited a long time to go modular and still can't get enough of it. So much amusement and enlightenment.
Enlightenment is a good way to put it! I find myself watching Computerphile’s awesome YouTube videos because synthesis and computer programming have many things in common (logic circuits, gates, and Turing Machines being just a few).
It's good to pause now and again from the GAS, the is-this-module-better-than-that-module, the how-do-you-get-this-with-that, and all the other small details, sit back, take a wide view and think to yourself, THIS SHIT IS FUCKING AMAZING! This is fun!
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