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Buchla easel album reissue on clear vinyl
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Author Buchla easel album reissue on clear vinyl

Fact Mag wrote:

Donnacha Costello Stay Perfectly Still

An album that will make you do exactly what its title says. This new release collects seven fathoms-deep synth exercises recorded live by Costello on a Buchla Music Easel. As he notes on the Bandcamp page: “No overdubs, no looping, just honest recordings of live performances.” It makes Donnacha’s gently percolating, deeply emotive pieces even more impressive, but honestly, you won’t think about it much while listening. You probably won’t think of anything. Put it on and you’ll just sit there and — in both body and mind — stay perfectly still.
Reality Checkpoint
What a beautiful album! I wish I had heard of it before.

So cohesive in the way that the tracks segue. Quite lovely.

I have ordered the clear vinyl, and am listening to the download now. I think this will be my soundtrack for the day, and most probably the week ahead and more.

I'm in
I just purchased this digitally on BC. I really enjoy it, and it speaks to your artistic ability that it gives off a very different vibe than I'm used to hearing from the Easel. Very nice work.
Beautiful! Listening now, just ordered vinyl.
Reality Checkpoint
Been listening to this since Saturday on constant rotation. Rarely has a piece of music so captivated me.
Shucks. Thanks guys!
Beautiful! Just ordered the vinyl
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