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ROLLZ-5 2017 PCB user guide
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Author ROLLZ-5 2017 PCB user guide
SPIKE the Percussionist
i was the one who acquired corpusjonesy's build.

after not being able to find a simple layout guide i decided to make one... so i created this layout to explain what is what.
(thanks to @corpusjonsey for answering all my questions)

please message me if there are things labeled incorrectly.
Correction to this:
The left & right Gongs sections are not symmetrical, they are both the same as the left diagram pictured above.

Left top jack goes with 1st set of pots (when looking left-to-right).
Left bottom jack goes with 2nd set of pots.
Right top jack goes with 3rd set of pots.
Right bottom jack goes with 4th set of pots.

Personally, I'm tempted to cut traces and rewire to make them symmetrical. Hmm....
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