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Dynacord Add One Add Drive
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Author Dynacord Add One Add Drive
Hi All,

Sometime in the relatively near future I'm going to have a go at cloning the Add Drive for the Dynacord Add One. A few people have already approached me about doing this.

The simplest thing to do will be to do a 1:1 clone, but I'm hoping I can squeeze most of it into an fpga and possibly read/write direct to sd card although I may have to re-write the software in that case. It will be much easier to keep the software as-is and at least have a Gotek drive/floppy emulator.

The main thing is that I plan to keep the sampling section the same to maintain the 'sound', the hardest part of that will be the low pass filters as I will most likely have to design/build/source something compatible as I have no idea where I could source the originals from.

Obviously, I have to spend some time learning how to do all of this so it may be a while before I get something up and running.

Just giving everyone a head's up, and please let me know if you are interested in such a clone and if anyone has any other ideas/suggestions?
awesome this sounds great
Thanks for the encouragement.
we have an add one sans drive in the studio so would be keen to see how you progress
Yes Martin this sounds great! we're not worthy
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