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Cwejman still in business?
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Author Cwejman still in business?
Mr D
Hey folks,

I'm interested in some Cwejman modules (for example the ADSR-VC2) but i don't see it in stock anywhere on the interwebs.
And for that matter i don't see ANY Cwejman modules in stock ANYWHERE online.

So i'm wondering: is this company still in business? Will it be possible to get one of these modules or should i give up on it and go for something else?

And in fact, the same question over Macbeth modules: the stuff looks and sounds great, but is all seemingly discontinued?!
Yes, Cwejman is in business. Modules are quickly sold out once available, however some shops like Schneidersladen have waiting lists.

For discussion and updates check the existing thread: storder=asc&start=650
If you're not prepared to wait, give up. They come out in small batches and sell out fast, if you look at Schneidersladen website you can sign up to be notified when modules are in stock. Secondhand prices are generally ludicrous, folks on eBay looking to make a killing, doesn't help when these touts are snapping up the new modules just to profit.
Macbeth is all discontinued right now
If you are in Europe, Schneiders is the best plce for waiting lists if you definitely want a module, unfortunately the lists can be quite long
Mr D
Thanks for the info. Strange that these companies don't want to ramp up production and take our $$$.......
Contact the company via, but if you miss batches for specific modules, you can wait 1 or 2 years...
Yes Powder
Mr D wrote:
Thanks for the info. Strange that these companies don't want to ramp up production and take our $$$.......

I know Doepfer doesn't want to because Dieter says that there's no way for him to economically do it without sacrificing quality.
Cwejman is probably in a similar, but much smaller boat. The modular community is very small, with many manufacturers only having a handful of employees at most. Ramping up production would mean more employees to pay, and that can become a problem during times when sales are low— and Cwejman is at the very high-end of the Eurorack price spectrum so they can't count on sales from the people who got into Euro because it's supposedly the cheapest way to get into modulars. (At least if you don't DIY)
Mr D wrote:
Thanks for the info. Strange that these companies don't want to ramp up production and take our $$$.......

lol check the search you are just repeating what a million people have said before about Cwejman (and a few other "companies") he works on his own terms he doesn't care about growing his "business" he cares about maintaining his quality producing his ideas in the way he wants to.

I don't think any one can get mad about that, it's totally understandable IMO
If the production runs were larger the quality may suffer, more supply than demand, they'd have to lower their prices and their businesses may fold. Cwejman seems to be doing pretty well as is
I think too the schneiders mailing list is the best bet. I just tried out the cwejman vco-6 and mmf-1s at schneiders showroom. Really great sound. Especially the filters distortion sections was ace.
Big City in the USA has been getting Cwejman as batches are released. If you really are into Cwejman, then you really need to stay on top of it, have cash available and network in the community.

Wowa indeed does what makes him happy and works alone with no desire to grow the business. He is just finishing up RG-6, MBC-3, PH-4 and MMF-1S.

I figure the fall batch will get going in a couple or 3 months and the updated VM-1 and BLD willbe off the hook.

As stated above email, Schneiders and BCM amongst others as Alex4 also distributes Cwejman to other dealers.

Based on my experience and whats in my rack if you work at it you can get it.........Steve
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