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USAMO or Erm multiclock?
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Author USAMO or Erm multiclock?
I´d like to use Ableton live as my master clock for my Cirklon. Then the Cirklon will manage the rest of the clocks.

Will I be fine with the USAMO? Or would you recommend the Multiclock for my needs?

Does any of them send the "song position"? Or should I always hit play from the beginning of a bar to stay in sync?

Any thoughts would be appreciated
I would of course recommend the USAMO smile

It does Song Position Pointer.
As Cirklon will be distributing the midi clock to the rest of the gear on my studio, I don´t really need more than the port ofered by USAMO. I don´t need the swing nor the delay per port offered by Multiclock.

So if USAMO is completely reliable sending clock to cirklon, then I´m going for it.

Good to know that it does Song Position Pointer, but I read at sequentix´s forum that Cirklon doesn´t use it.
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