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FH-1 configuration for Linnstrument (or vice-versa)
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Author FH-1 configuration for Linnstrument (or vice-versa)

I'm trying to get it working like Geert's video here:

tl;dr: what settings does the FH-1 need to "see" from the Linnstrument to work right, besides MIDI channel 9? What settings on the FH-1 make for the smoothest operation with the Linnstrument?

Could we get a definitive "here are the settings for both devices with current software versions so that they work well together?" post?

Long and detailed version:

I've read through some threads here, but if there's a definitive "here's how to configure your FH-1 to work with the Linnstrument" thread, I'm not seeing it.

My settings are listed below. I am getting sound but also wonky performance.

Here are my problems:

--after setting pitch bend to 24 semitones, I find if I slide up, very quickly the pitch bend goes "faster" than my fingers, so that for instance, where my finger slides up a major third, I'm hearing an octave up.

--aftertouch is wonky and mostly all or nothing -- it seems to have a very fast ramp up, so I can't really get touch sensitivity the way I want it.

--sometimes it stops tracking my pitch correctly altogether and then all I get are fart sounds. Restarting solves the problem, but it's like the FH-1 just "gives up" or something at some point.

I'm running firmware 2.0 for the FH-1. I have tried different oscillators (Atlantis and Braids, so analog and digital) and the behaviour is the same.

On the Linnstrument (running software version 2.1), I'm running a single channel 9 and no MPE enabled, and using outputs 1 and 4 on the FH-1. I've otherwise got default settings around MIDI data density, etc.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what Fh-1 firmware or Linnstrument OS version Geert is using in the above video. I read someone downgraded their Fh-1 firmware and this helped, but is that the best fix?

I am also happy to change configuration on the Linnstrument but am not sure what else to try.

I'm having no problem when plugging the Linnstrument into my computer, running mono or MPE, so it's clearly getting these two devices to talk with one another. Roger Linn has been helpful on his forum, but I think it's the FH-1 side I need help with.

I will get back to futzing with it tomorrow. I would be grateful for help from other users who have theirs working--I imagine Os is recovering from Superbooth.
Unfortunately I don't have an FH-1 here to test with.

You might want to try the v1.x firmware. That was the last time I was able to do any serious testing (in collaboration with Geert) with a Linnstrument. The v2 firmware is in general 'better' but it hasn't been stress-tested by me with a Linnstrument specifically.
Thanks. Do you have any inkling of the settings you used with Geert other than what I listed above, or even what OS version?
No idea which Linnstrument version, sorry. I think it was pretty much default settings though.
Okay, I'm back. I have run everything through its paces. Everything is fixed except the aftertouch problem.

For that, if I run it through a filter, I can get rid of the VCA's clicking sounds, but it definitely doesn't work anything like in Geert's video.

I downgraded to 1.8. Better pitch tracking for sure, for slides i had to set the FH-1 to 12 semitones and the Linnstrument to 24. For reasons I don't understand, this now works and fi I slide a minor third, I get a minor third (etc).

Random fart sounds may have been a power supply issue. Seems to be resolved.

Linnstrument works perfectly when plugged into software. I've reduced MIDI data density.

Any other suggestions on aftertouch would be appreciated. Otherwise, I get I can use it like a MIDI keyboard and apply aftertouch as a modulator to filters, etc.
It often helps to enable the FH-1's smoothing on the aftertouch output.
Okay, we have an answer! Smoothing makes a difference, plus a small modification to the Linnstrument's aftertouch.

This video, from bfurhman, walks you through the steps.

Hopefully this thread will be useful to anyone else who has the same problem as me.
Useful! I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for sharing.
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