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What kind of adapter is this??
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Author What kind of adapter is this??
Hey guys, I recently got one of these "noise generators" for basically no reason besides just thinking it looks cool, but when I went to see what it can do, realized it doesnt use regular 3.5mm cables as an out put so then I found this video with this funky looking adapter, anyone know what that adapter is?

Im refering to the double pronged looking thing coming out of the smaller box ontop of the box with the big dial
they are Banana jacks It's peanut butter jelly time!
Those were sometimes used on old radios for the turntable or antenna input. They are not banana jacks.

I also don't see why you call it an "adapter", it's a plug.
Sure as hell looks like one of these:

It's a banana non-shorting bar, like the ones used in a Music Easel (although those are the shorting variety). This one has an extra loop, looks like Pomona MDP-0.

Compare it to a mono jack cable, which has a signal on the tip and ground one the base. Banana cables are ungrounded and have only a signal on the tip, so for the purpose of connecting different devices, you need an extra cable for the ground connection.
Which fits with the two posts here on this oscillator (vintage lab equipment, non voltage controlled). You can see the ground connection with the three lines symbol.
The ones I'm talking about do not have the bulging part that locks in bananas.

They were used for speaker outputs as well, and may be equivalent to old European two prong power plugs.

The red and blue plugs in the turntable input are some modern adapters someone put in to connect a Raspberry Pi unit inside. When you take that out it looks like the speaker output.

Although I guess they could be bananas in that video, it's not like a clear shot with good lighting, and the plug is inside.
Click on the image I posted. It's the device you see in the video: it has banana plugs.
I'm not saying it's one or the other, but why would bananas need a locking device?

To hold a cable? I’m not sure what you mean by locking device.
The round thing you spin in the socket. I'm pretty sure I've used those before in the past, I think they can take bananas as well but I'm not sure they were designed for them, I don't remember.
Oh you mean a speaker terminal. Yes, it CAN be used for connecting just stripped bare wire. But it's still a banana plug hihi Guinness ftw!
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