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Can anybody recommend some good books on Music Theory?
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Author Can anybody recommend some good books on Music Theory?
Hey, as the title states im looking for some recommendations for good books covering an overview of music theory? If they are related to electronic music composition then even better. Ive played guitar from an early age so know basic stuff but I was never tought and I would like to improve my songwirting ability primarily for electronic based music

Also looking for books on the science of drum rhytym if anybody has a recommendation? not really interested in the 'this is how you make a EDM beat' style book, im more interesting in ethnic/evolving/complex drums
Depending on how basic you mean, there's a Dummies book on music theory, that's supposedly a pretty good introduction. 0943/

Also, if you're trying to get to different kinds of music, what you really want is a book on musicology. There are a couple that you might consider. The standard text for western music is Crocker's A History of Musical Style but another good one (different emphasis) is Decomposition by Andrew Durkin.

That's a solid start, anyhow.

Thanks for your reponse

Ended up finding this theory book as a bundle being sold at a good price so got it 598635034

As for your other suggestions, I wasn't after that sort of thing, I was looking for books specifically on ryhthm or the science of rhythm rather, but thanks anyway that Decompositon book looks interesting
For rhythm "science" try Creating Rhythms by Stefan and Richard Hollos (fairly brief overview in easy to read chunks) or for more meat look into The Geometry of Musical Rhythm by Godfried Toussaint, still pretty easy going but a lot more depth.....

They look great! will be ordering both them
ignatius O8NBID41B&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers: The producers guide to harmony, chord progressions, and song structure in the MIDI grid.
nbirnel 1884365000

I love this book. It's short and clear.
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