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ModularGrid shirt?
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Author ModularGrid shirt?
I was just going to order a Modulargrid t-shirt and I saw this note at the bottom of the page:

"Please note: Our Premium T-shirt comes with a colour contrasting neckband now. Depending on the availability, your order my contain tees with or without the colourful neckband."

Anyone order one of the black "superboothbabe" shirts from them recently and end up with a colorful neckband? I'd prefer all black... don't want to order it and end up with a black shirt and bright yellow neck or something.

Here's the shirt I'm talking about: 12666610?size=4
Isn't that referring to the color band on the inside of the shirt as shown in multiple photos.

A neckband is an internal band to help the neck of the shirt keep its normal shape.

A collar is the band on the outside around the neck opening.
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