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Electro-busking BC Ferries
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Author Electro-busking BC Ferries

I took a trip on the ocean people stayed well away from me.
i like the formants decaying in broken space sound.

also the social experiment side.

curious about peoples reactions to this. doing interesting things in public spaces is a brave thing.

the last thing i saw that got peoples attention like this, was a man playing violin very badly, but on a tightrope. :(
computer controlled
I totally want to do this here in Seattle! Just gotta find someone to do it with, and some portable gears =o]
computer controlled - just get yourself a bugbrand postcard or board weevil and you are up and running! crazy electronic tones, built in.on speakers = go
fun things can happen when you do strange things in public so far since this spring I've been professionally photographed, interviewed for an online magazine, and met someone who's recorded me for free and wants to do more recording! I've also had a few people tell me I'm crazy or that it's not music or whatever but it's so much fun to just get out there and make sounds on the street.

especially sounds the average person isn't likely to hear a lot. I could go out there and play guitar and stuff but I'd be just the same as every other street performer in this city, sitting on the corner playing Niel Young covers until my fingers cramp up.

that's no fun.

computer controlled you should totally do it noise boxes go up for sale a lot online here you should pick one up and rock Seattle to the ground.
Great to see someone doing something different.

Most "public" places in the city I live require a permit to busk and u usually have to go to an "audition" to get a permit.

It's a joke and as a result we have some really boring buskers.
distaudio wrote:
Great to see someone doing something different.

Most "public" places in the city I live require a permit to busk and u usually have to go to an "audition" to get a permit.

It's a joke and as a result we have some really boring buskers.

it's the same in my town I just don't bother with permits so far I haven't been stopped
Fuck, once again, you killed it dude. I have so much respect for you.


we're not worthy
oops thanks!
man, i like your sound itself, and i think i kinda get what you're going for, but i spent a few years kinda forcing my noise down people's throat, and honestly the only times that I truly enjoyed myself (I mean, i never played like that without being bombed out of my skull, but self-gratification and the gratification that comes from appreciation of what you're doing are two different animals) was when there was a proper setting and people were free to listen or leave as they chose.

it was like energy building up until i knew that I HAD to play a show in the boys bathroom the next day, and it was one of the most carthritic events i was ever part of, i had garbage equipment, tripping my brains out, and people fucking loved it (except for the dudes trying to piss while girls were hanging around). it was a sea of people crammed into a tiny bathroom, all having a blast, the love in the air, the excitement... I took it as a sign this was something i should do all over, but i was wrong. noise has to have proper context, or things have to be just right to kinda strike like lightning and get lost, two lightning strikes in the same place are bullshit.

you can make a lot of nice non-noise synth tones, which there's definitely a need for in weird places, but some places just don't fit and while i dig the bravery and whatever, you deserve to be appreciated, not be the chode making noise on someone's cruise. my 2 cents, i'm tired, i'm fulla shit, whatever.
hey man that's fair enough, I get what you're saying and honestly I was kind of hesitant to do it on the ferry ride anyway that's the reason I chose a place where there wasn't a lot of people. I like making noise on the street because people don't have to stop and listen if they don't want to but if they do I'm always happy to explain what I'm doing and why. I don't think you're full of shit at all. And if I could get shows more often I'd play them but the real truth is that I'm a horrid self promoter and know nobody in the scene in my city. I'd go to more noise shows if I could but being a new parent severely curtails my social life so when the weather is good and I have a free hour or two I go to the street corner and make some noise for passers by some people really like it others are generally confused and some folks hate it but the folks that don't like it just walk by really fast with their ears plugged and everyone else either stops to ask what I'm doing or stays to listen and that's really gratifying to me.

I used to busk with an acoustic guitar, I'd play blues and jazz and folk, I'd walk away with a sore throat from trying to sing over traffic and feeling rotten because not only would I get no money but that kind of street performance just blends into the background and no one stops to listen so I felt like my music wasn't being appreciated.

when I got the LBB the first thing I thought to do with it was take it to the street and busk with it and sure enough I met someone and had a great conversation, I've had a few people try and pick fights with me for doing it say, in front of a Legion Hall or across the street from an open air restaurant but I've learned better since then and try and find spots where I'm not likely to get kicked out or hassled.

I'm envious of noise performers who can play shows so this is how I get around that.

very impressive. congratulations on the fine work
is that a BLUE BOX?

I really like the sounds that your getting. watching you use it is
a huge double plus-good with regard to the units sound and flexibility .

I was a street busker for close to 3 years playing a national steel guitar/slide.
I like the direction of your busking.
Thank you Duane.

it's a Little Boy Blue actually you can get them at AH I got mine second hand from someone on Muffs.

I'm constantly surprised by the flexibility of this synth the only noise box I have that comes close is the INM but that's not battery operated so the LBB wins!

I used to busk folk guitar but no one paid any attention and I'd go home feeling crappy about the whole experience electro-busking has changed all that it's way more fun and people actually stop either to listen or ask questions and the best part is folks give me change instead of just walking by.
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