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I think I've finally found my perfect music ecosystem
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Author I think I've finally found my perfect music ecosystem
After years of messing with mostly software instruments, and a few modular setups here and there, I think I've finally found a bulletproof setup to finally free myself from VSTs (though not the computer - I'm still an Ableton junkie). Most importantly, perhaps - all the instruments are modern, so as a whole, the setup shouldn't sound too much like anyone else (as of yet).

The Digitakt would be the brain of the MIDI side of things (namely, the two Korgs), as well as the final destination for all of the instruments, where it would serve as the fun sampler/mangler it is.

The black modular case would serve as the brain of the CV side of things, controlling the silver modular setup via the Expert Sleepers kit (itself controlled by Ableton/M4L/Reaktor), as well as serving as a granular sampler for all potential sources. The silver modular setup is tonally super flexible, serving as the wildcard/flavor synth to complement the two Korgs.

The more I think about it, the more perfect it seems. In fact, I've already started piecing it together, and so far, it seems to fit my vision marvelously. hihi

What do you think?
Loving the idea of a minimal setup myself... and I was loooking at the Digitakt as an option as well but then I found the Deluge... I would highly recommend it as your midi/CV brain... lots of options to interface with the modular... and the sampling is amazing... Just my 2cents...
Love it! I have some of those bits myself, and find myself making little minimal music stations, I guess you could call it. If I were doing a similar setup I'd replace the Monologue with the Minibrute 2 and get the 6u attached case for the euro.
I'd suggest the OT (even a MKI) over the DT. It'll do almost everything the DT does plus a crap-ton more. Otherwise this is bloody wonderful.
Working towards a similar setup (Minilogue, Digitakt, and small euro). I think the DT makes a robust enough monosynth that it makes the monologue redundant. When I had one, I found myself often just sampling synths in because it was convenient to have all the effects, etc on tap.
I'd probably swap one of the korg's for something else. I prefer to distribute my synth purchases across a number of different companies for a slightly broader palette. Maybe go for a BS2 instead of the mini (mono?) logue (the small one.)
This looks like a really fun collection of gear. How have you been getting on with it, Rob? Did you piece at all together and has it evolved since then?
This, though small, is a awesome setup. I am surprised at how much I love the Monologue... will have to get it back into my small setup.

Post sounds your making with it.
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