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Feeling Electric current from my modular?
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Author Feeling Electric current from my modular?
When I patch and I'm standing on my concrete floor barefoot, any metal I touch on my modular system, even the rails I can feel current. Everything has worked fine for months. It's annoying tho, what is going on here?
You have a very dangerous, possibly life threatening, situation.
Disconnect your synth and let an expert sort out how to get your system safe again.
It could be simple, it could be complex.

Member Graham Hinton is imo the expert on this stuff on this forum, listen to him.
Something's not grounded correctly. Needs to be fixed asap.
What milkshake said!

Don't limit the possible problem to only being the synth. Until you know what the problem actually is, you don't know. So don't rule out something because it just couldn't be that.

Has anything changed in your mains power? Remodeling? Nearby construction? Lightning storm? Power outage?

Start with ensuring your home power mains and ground are working correctly. A call to your electric utility would be a good first step.

It's possible it's not as serious as milkshake and I are taking it. But we don't know, and you don't either. Fix that ASAP. Be careful!
Thanks thanks thanks. I'll report back... fuck me
Ever seen a bass player fly? I have.

I was running a small board at a pub gig (mixer and PA all-in-one jobbie)... the bass player closed in on the SM58 to deliver a particularly emotive scream... and was hurled backwards with quite some vigour, bouncing off the drummer's pride-and-joy Ludwig. Audience loved it... bass player... not so much. Turns out the earth/ground had come adrift inside the PA's mains plug. The show must go on... so the quick fix was to tape a piece of foam across the mic to stop him getting quite so intimate with it (he was a bass player, so he wasn't going to learn by his mistake). Bottom line... don't mess with this stuff. It bites!
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