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Rebel Technology - hacking modules
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Author Rebel Technology - hacking modules
Has anyone reprogrammed Rebel Tech eurorack modules? Any links to interesting hacks? Stoicheia in particular.

I like tinkering with things and ideas, and I can do a little bit of coding. Currently looking for inspiration for ways to go with changing things up on my Stoicheia.

No practical experience of doing this, which is why I'm looking for some examples and directions - but happy spending hours finding out about stuff, testing and trying.
You have the schematics and code for the Stoicheia in the website as it is open source. It uses an ATMEGA168 so it won't be difficult to hack wink

It has a header with serial connection to the MCU, with an Arduino you could reprogram it.

I saw all the bits and hoped for something visual, as I have a mostly visual, not technical-process, brain.

This is going to keep me interested for months. Plenty to find out about.

Will I need an Arduino board or just software to create a patch to bootload to the board with the Atmega?
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