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AC E580 Delay Repanel in 5U!
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Author AC E580 Delay Repanel in 5U!
Just got my repaneled e580 from Tony @ AC, haven't even plugged it in but it looks amazing. I went ahead and added an entry for it on Modular Grid as well:
Looks amazing! Tony's aesthetic sense is so tight. Moog should hire him to redo their ugly granny synth...

How much was it?

Smart move to add the input attenutors. Why Synth Tech doesn't include them is... seriously, i just don't get it

MU needs more delays. Preferably a dual BBD in 2 MU.
You should hit up tony for a quote, I don’t remember off hand, but it’s top notch work.

My bigger frustration is with the e580 just clipping so much. Gain control is very twitchy, if there’s feedback it will either clip or the volume drop is significant. I’d love a true BBD analog delay in 5U.
Yeah, I had that same problem when it was in my euro system. If remember correctly, you need to attenuate the audio going in. Same for the e560. Otherwise I think they are expecting instrument level signals. If I forget to do it on my e560, it screams at me. I'm sure there's a reason, but it's pretty annoying. Lmk if this works.
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