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Portable recording solutions for modular level audio?
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Author Portable recording solutions for modular level audio?
Hi there,

So i've been experimenting with taking my modular out for a spin ala annannie modular field trip style, and because I don't want to have to lug my laptop and audio interface with me everywhere, i was wondering if anybody had any luck with portable line level recorders like this Zoom recorder?

I'm willing to dish out up to 300 or so dollars if it means i can have a decent quality recording!
I have heard good things about those Zoom things.

There are a few that have 2x line inputs on big jacks, that should work fine with an adapter cable.

you should turn gain all the way DOWN, your modular is likely going to have enough level on it´s own.

If it is still clipping, get an output module or simply any attenuator to bring down your levels so it won´t clip.

(I once used 2x RYO Airtenuators to simply go to a recorder, that worked out 100% fine.)

There are also a few "Record-to-SD-Card" Modules planned/announced for Eurorack, but I think none of them are available yet, but maybe check out these companies for news on them:
Noisy Mark
I've been using the Zoom R16 for a few years and it has been great. It's very light but well built so perfect for being taken around the place. I think they make a smaller version if you don't need that many inputs.
The built in effects and tuner can come in pretty handy on occasion but I wouldn't rely on them too much.
Thanks guys! That's good to hear, i think i'll be proceeding with said zoom recorder.

Now all I have to do is figure out a portable battery solution...
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