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Aira Module USB pass-through panel - how to?
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Author Aira Module USB pass-through panel - how to?
I've got an Aira Demora - great little module and it has the added bonus of being an audio interface into one of the USB inputs on the Roland MX-1. Unfortunately, teh USB jack on the Demora is on the back and being somewhat of a neat freak, I hate having a wire hanging out of my rack (plus I don't like having to leave an open space on the rack to let the cable through).

So I'm thinking of making a Eurorack panel with one or more USB jacks on the front (something like this: D111M1?qs=sGAEpiMZZMulM8LPOQ%252byk2gY1MHiEitGbcPcC%252bF64O8%3d) connected to a USB cable on the rear.

I'm assuming just treating it as an extension/adapter will work.

The two technical issues I need help with (in addition to the "will this even work" question :-) ) are:

1) how do you cut a square opening into a blank panel?
2) does anyone know how to connect the wiring from the jack to a USB micro B cable? Is there a guide to color coding standards for the wires?
A bit more searching on Mouser and problem solved. It turns out they already make female-to-female pass-throughs with cylindrical form factors . . . ZMulM8LPOQ%252byk6T9Vo74lLiwu3s2FaEzSuM%3d
Neutrik has one too, NAUSB-W, you can turn the USB passthrough connector either way inside the frame. Depending on where you live, one or the other may be easier / cheaper to get.

FWIW, the Neutrik comes in their D-shape frame, which they also use for a lot of their XLR and bunch of other connectors. So I bought one of these hole punches from ebay:

Just drill big enough a pilot hole to pass the bolt through the panel, insert the punch according to instructions, tighten with a 8mm hex key, and suddenly you have a clean 24mm hole for the connector in your sheet metal panel.

Same applies to Switchcraft, you just have to check out what size mounting hole it needs. If you need to have just one hole that big, a step drill and some patience is probably a more economic option, but at the point when you find you need several holes of the same size, the hole punches are super easy to use and produce super clean results.
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