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J. Haible Subtle Chorus - Input Wiring Confusion
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Author J. Haible Subtle Chorus - Input Wiring Confusion
I completed the Main and BBD boards for J. Haible's Subtle Chorus this weekend and want to wire it up unbalanced for both input and output. The output drawing is straightforward, but the drawings on the website for unbalanced inputs has me confused. There is a drawing for unbalanced inputs and outputs at the link below, but the input jack shows a TRS connection with the ring going into the second pin of the connector. That sounds like a balanced connection to me.

Unbalanced Drawing

And, it doesn't make sense when checking the drawing for both balanced and unbalanced inputs here:

Balanced and Unbalanced Drawing

In the first drawing, with a regular unbalanced connector the ring would be shorted to ground, which conflicts with the second drawing where it is floating. Plus, if Pin 2 was supposed to be connected to ground, I would think the first drawing would simply show it that way that without it being implied when inserting a TS unbalanced connector. However that still conflicts with the second drawing where Pin 2 is floating and not grounded.

Can someone clarify this for me please?
Got it going. Another execution of Jurgen's Subtle Chorus comes to life!

Had a couple of bad HW1457W's that slowed me down (one crackling with a 60 Hz hum, the other with a rail-buried output). Yanked the two chips off the second input and running it as mono until the new chips get here, so all well now. Quiet, subtle chorus.

Regarding the inputs, I'm still not exactly sure the proper setup, but after playing with the chips today and probing the amplitudes, I have a lot better understanding about what's going on.

Sounds great, as expected. Thanks Jurgen! we're not worthy
1/4" TRS is either balanced mono, or a stereo input, surely?
It's a balanced input (there are separate L/R inputs) and that matches the schematic. The dilemma is why is it shown that way on the 'unbalanced' wiring drawing. Is it supposed to also be used in a Pin 2 shorted condition as well as a balanced TRS configuration? And if so, why does the 'balanced' wiring sheet show Pin 2 as floating? Seems to be a conflict.

Jurgen's drawings aren't known for having errors on them, quite the contrary, so it just seems odd. At any rate , I have it working with Pin 2 floating, so I guess the point is moot. Was hoping someone might have asked at some point. Some extensive searching with the Wayback Machine didn't yield anything. I didn't do an exhaustive search though.
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