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Ableton Live stuck notes bug....
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Author Ableton Live stuck notes bug....
This project I'm working on has apparently been messed up by a bug in Ableton that emerges after using the "Delete Time" command a few times in the Arrangement view. I'm getting stuck notes and ghost notes playing when there should be nothing there. Seems like MIDI data was not deleted properly and is still sent out on top of the stuff that has replaced it, and it creates a MIDI clusterfuck . Is there a way to clear this? I have been saving versions of the project so I can go back to an earlier save but I'd lose some editing and mixing work.

The arrangement was created by recording a jam using clips in session view.

For some stupid reason, if you have MIDI clips in session view that contain MIDI data outside the clip's loop braces, and you record a session jam into the arrangement, this data is also placed into the arrangement.... It is not played back as the loop braces are still there but why the hell does it not just record only what is actually played ? I'm suspecting this is the root of the bug. Dead Banana

PS still on Live 9.7 as it's a lot of hassle to upgrade to 10 at the moment because Apple.
I fixed it after a marathon session which included installing Mac OS 10.12 on a fresh hard drive, installing Live10 and installing and activating a dozen plugins, and reconfiguring the entire MIDI setup... None of these steps helped very frustrating but then I changed the output of the particularly problematic MIDI track to a different synth and dialed in a similar sound, which turned out to be better in the mix.

It must have been a combination of a bug in Ableton and using the problem synth (Radias) in multitimbral mode while sending a bunch of MIDI CCs. It seems to not like that...
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