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Eurorack voltage regulator/distro boards
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Author Eurorack voltage regulator/distro boards
Hey all, I'm sure this has been asked about a million times but not coming up with much on a search.

I am planning to a build a few smaller cases and assumed that it would not be too tough to source a relatively ready-made power supply option--something I can plug a laptop-style supply into that would output +12/-12V.

But frankly, my searches are not coming up with much. I used to DIY pedals and amps, so my knowledge level is moderate but I may just not be familiar enough with the terminology of post-1970s technology to get the results I'm looking for. hihi

I realize there are options like the Synthrotek Case Power Mini, but 1) it's expensive for what it is, and 2) I'd prefer not to populate PCBs for the sake of time, unless I'm really saving a lot of $.

Thanks so much everyone.

Joe. wrote:


Basically same price as Mini Case Power, and don't really want a panel.
'Synthrotek Mini', Requires 16-19V 90W center-positive power brick.

There are reports of a few Synthrotek PSU's catching fire, but i think that's just the 'deluxe power' versions(?)

If I were going to go with something pre fab it'd probably be the Erthenvar Magic Bus, since it's a little cheaper and even comes with the tile converters which I think I may need.

This wasn't the original plan, but couldn't I just go with something like this and hook it up to a passive bus board? dp/B0755981JL/ref=pd_day0_60_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0755981JL&pd_rd _r=Q9RS9SFAMKW9X3QRTEDV&pd_rd_w=27A7m&pd_rd_wg=Mn6FY&psc=1&refRID=Q9RS 9SFAMKW9X3QRTEDV
You'll only get 12v difference between V- and V+ with that supply, you want something like the meanwell RT65b that will give you a full +12v and -12v and you get +5v.

I used a 4ms distro board kit with that supply and it works great.

It's hard to find out about power and all the stores and plenty of audiophiles will tell you, "You must use a $300 linear power supply" and then they'll sell you an uzeus with a switching laptop supply.

There are plenty of benefits to both but I don't think the sound benefit is that huge to require a linear supply.
bmoren ahyUW0YM1b2N0/edit?usp=drive_web&ouid=101950803119943492953
Awesome jimboburgess and bmoren! Thank you both.
You might find this an interesting read.

Euro low impedance bus board.
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