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ES8 + ES6 no signal on ES6. probably doing something dumb.
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Author ES8 + ES6 no signal on ES6. probably doing something dumb.
I have an ES8 which I connect via USB to my macbook running ableton. I also have an ES6 connected to the ES8. The problem I am having is that I am getting no signal on the ES6 inputs in ableton.

In these photos you can see I have the same signal going into input 1 of the ES8 and input 1 of the ES6. Ableton can see the signal on track 1 of the ext input device, but nothing else. See the screenshot for how I have ableton's tracks configured.

I am probably just doing something dumb here but I can't for the life of me figure out what the issue is. AFAICT I have the ES6 connected correctly to the ES8 (using the pins marked 'to ES6', and with the red stripe at the bottom on both - I would have to twist the cable otherwise which doesn't seem right). Do I need to do something with optical cables? Do I need some SW plugin on the track that I want to use the ES6 input with? AFAICT from this video it doesn't look like it.
You need an optical cable as well as the ribbon cable.
So I was correct after all: I was indeed doing something dumb. (in my defense all the demos I could find were with an ES3 which seems centered around optical cables, whereas the ES8 set the expectation in my head that optical cables were not necessary if using USB)

Thanks. Next up, dumb questions about the ES5 + ES8, I am sure...
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