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Push-like controller with just knobs/LCD?
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Author Push-like controller with just knobs/LCD?
does such a thing exist in 2018?
I know there was a Mackie one like 10 years ago but haven't had much luck finding something now. would be amazing for controlling plugins in Ableton. like 2-3 rows of knobs and LCDs for all!

I already have a Push2 but thinking about expansion possibilities if there are any.
YES! Exactly what I am dreaming of on a daily basis. I am a hopeless nerd.

That Mackie was the C4. Unfortunately it is too bulky and its low resolution LCD displays are not enough.

Why can't anyone make the obvious? Just multiply the Push / Maschine screens & knobs/buttons under the screens, by 2 or 4, and remove the pads. Make it into both a polyphonic step sequencer and a controller and we would practically throw money at ya.
I am not an Ableton/Push user, so maybe I am missing something: What is the LCD for? If it is for the position of the knobs, why not something like a Midi Fighter Twist or a Novation Nocturn?
It is so you can see what the knobs& buttons are actually controlling. Because you can never have enough hardware knobs & buttons to control everything, you have to switch the controller to a different control setup for different parts of a synth (filters, oscillators, envelopes etc) or different devices and that's where you need a screen that can display full parameter names.

So for example when you select a track in the DAW, the display automatically updates to show you the parameters for that track. You can then select different stuff to control within that track such as mixer settings or device/ synth settings. Once you experience this there is no going back to blind controllers!
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