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DoubleBrute - two Minibrutes, in one (no original keyboards)
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Author DoubleBrute - two Minibrutes, in one (no original keyboards)
I recently turned my Minibrute Red into a MIDI module, with some temporary packaging foam block end cheeks, then I decided to get another one.

It occurred to me that the module part almost fits where the keyboard normally goes, so I did this...

The wood is salad tongues and a couple of bits of weapons grade balsa, cut to length. There are also some plant pot markers glued in for the front of the red module to rest on.

The red one can still be slid out, quite easily, to be used separately.

I just wired Master Out on the dark one to Audio In on the red one, so the red one is providing the main filter. I used a MIDI splitter cable to feed the same notes to both. It does detuned unison well. I'm not sure if it's possible to tune them at intervals, without involving modules to process the pitch CV.

The last one shows it on a foam board stand I made (from inch thick stuff sold for model railway layouts), for playing a synth with that Yamaha mini keyboard, on my lap. It angles it up, like the control panel of a Minimoog, to make the knobs easier to reach.
Rex Coil 7
You could probably put two of them side by side fairly easily. Purchase two of the SkiniBRUTE kits, attach two sides together (pick your method), add some wood filler and a bit of paint, call it done.

This is a SkiniBRUTE kit (factory stock in stained wood .... mine is the black one coated with Rustoleum Truck Bedliner) ....

I also chopped four Microbrutes and did various and sundry despicable things to them. Here's one, with several stomp box enclosures surrounding it (for housing various controllers, guitar FX, and so on)...

Great pictures, Rex Coil 7. Yes, the space to the right, on my foam lap tray, was kind of reserved for guitar pedals, though so far I've just used a chorus pedal on the arm of the sofa, then a little TDA2050 in a tin that I use as a guitar practice amp - 30W RMS capable amp, just to drive headphones... via resistors, of course.

I looked at the Skinibrute kits, and I think they look really good, but importing two of them to the UK wouldn't be cheap. Also, there's the weight. I like to keep it so I can play a synth on my lap, sat of the sofa. When things get too heavy, they tend to want to overbalance the foam board thingy, and fall over backwards.

I definitely could put two side by side. I considered that, and I still might. It would have to overlap the side of my foam thing though - those boards only come in 60cmx30cm sizes. I've made a couple of different ones. That one has two boards, fixed at an angle, plus a small angled bit to sit the keyboard on, tilting it towards me a little bit.

Partly I did it this way so it fits on the board, and partly so it all fits in one of the Minibrute boxes. It could still evolve a bit more though.
Great mod, I didn't see this mod until now!
Thanks, NANO-Jorge smile
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