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ESX-8CV disables ES-8's inputs?
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Author ESX-8CV disables ES-8's inputs?
I've had ES-8 and the ES-5 for quite some time now working perfectly, I've just got my ESX-8CV and after connecting it to the ES-5 (as per the instructions), the 4 inputs on the ES-8 which I usually use to record everything that comes from the modular, don't work.

I haven't got to actually testing the ESX-8CV (partly because I can't hear anything coming back from the system because of said issue) BUT it lights and gives CV accordingly from what I can see. I suspect it works..

Was I suppose to connect this to a different GT? is this a Cubase issue? is my ESX-8CV malfunctioning? ES-8 works fine on its own or with ES-5..

Thanks for any help.

specs: PC, win10, cubase 9.5, ES-8 as main interface (no asio4all) connected through direct monitoring to soundcard that controls speakers.
That's an odd one.

There shouldn't be any interaction between the ESX-8CV and the ES-8. Is it perhaps a power issue?
They're in a make noise power skiff with a m32, roland 512 vco and a buffered multiple.. and 2hp freez, Modulargrid sums them at 672 mah out of 1.1A that is the skiff

EDIT: and 195 mA at -12v, does this add to the +12v 672? because then it could be an amper problem.. I'm going to remove the mother32 now to check

Anything else I can do to check after? different header?
What happens if you power the 8CV but don't connect it to the ES-5?
Seems to be a power issue, everything works without the m32 in, I wouldn't have imagined that to have been the problem, it's my least dense skiff..
And it stopped working.. mid play. still with one module in, was just about to test the ESX-8CV combiner..
edit: one module except for the 3 ES ones
It was the cable of the ES-8 apparently, twisted too hard within the tight skiff, I've moved the ESX-8CV several modules to the side and now everything sits comfortably. .
Sorry for all the odd questions and it ends up being this silly thing.
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