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Prototyping with Reaktor
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Author Prototyping with Reaktor
I generally prototype ideas in SPICE until I have something I think will work, then build up a physical prototype. This can be time consuming and can limit experimentation due to the work involved. I've recently been using Reaktor for messing around on and I thought I would try it for modelling a new filter topology, it works great! I'm not using core, just the basic primary modules for integration, summation, multiplication etc. It will also implement zero latency feedback correction in real time.

I think there are other packages which allow real time audio, which I'm sure will work equally well.
I've thought of doing this before, but for whatever reason just havent ever gotten around to it.

Any particular issues or downsides that you've noticed with this approach?
Like SPICE simulation you have to ask a bunch of questions about the results you're seeing, and ultimately you have to defer to a physical model to be totally sure.

The filter model I've built up is quite unstable, will need to look into whether that's in the filter maths or a software quirk. But I've taken the idea out of concept and probably will do hardware analysis on a production prototype.
I've tried simple ideas with the Nord G2 demo before, but Reaktor must be much lower level, so should be useful. Haven't used it for 10 years though!
I find it fascinating. The user community is a big part of it too, and some of the ideas coming out are at some of the frontiers of synthesis. I don't think anyone else has done a VCO like the one in Weedwacker (that could be done with any good tri core VCO though by the user).
VCV Rack (full disclosure: I'm the designer) is great for software prototyping and there's a ton of open-source code to reference.
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