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Increasing quality AUDIO/CV output count?
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Author Increasing quality AUDIO/CV output count?
First off, great products, they've rekindled my love to my synths more then anything so far.. I've tried to research this by googling and couldn't get an understanding.
So, If I don't want to divide the sample rate of which I'm working.. what would be an optimal solution for increasing the audio/cv output count maintaining the same samplerate on all outputs?.. I have an ES-5 and an ESX-8CV expansions and while they've both been proven useful for certain patches, there are certain patches where I simply needed more dependable Audio/CV outs like the original 8 outs that come on the ES-8, that can translate to accurate LFOs and Envelopes via Blocks/MAX as well as perform audio rate manipulation.

I don't like the ASIO4All for timing issues (it was neat to save 2 outputs on the ES-8 but it cost a myriad of other problems) so running es-8 as my main interface through direct monitoring is great for me, because I can switch interfaces easily from synth mode and mix mode, but at the cost of 2 outputs.

Then ES-5 + ESX-8CV grab 2 more outputs, but for all their utility (and its a big one for sure) you do remain with only 4 of those 'pristine' outputs.

So for expanding purposes -
Would a good ADAT audio interface be of use here?
Would connecting an ES-8 with adat to ES-3 do that? to another ES-8?
Is there an ES-80 coming out soon maybe? hihi
What setup would give me the biggest count of those Audio/CV outputs with an ES system?


Using windows and Cubase 9.5
An ES-3 would be the easiest solution for you.

Otherwise you'll need to buy another USB/Thunderbolt audio interface with multiple ADAT outputs and use that to drive multiple ES-8s or ES-3s.
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