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FireworX v1 vs v2 - what changed?
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Author FireworX v1 vs v2 - what changed?
I just received my first FireworX (v1.03) more than 20 years after it first where released. QC sticker dates it to 1997.
Sadly Music Group has taken down the support page for the FireworX but a search return a few FAQ's.

This FAQ explains how to upgrade from version 1 to version 2.

As the necessary firmware file and hardware needed now are somewhat difficult to get hold of I first like to learn if it's worth pursuing?

Did v2 or earlier v1 firmware releases come with any new algorithm, or useful fixes?
Closest I've come to an answer are this FAQ that sadly doesn't tell anything about from what revison these less useful changes takes place.
What is the latest software version for the FireworX, and what were the changes?

The latest software is 2.00 and the changes were:

200 post production presets added (#201-400)
MIDI SysEx implementation extended.


cool Question: How do I set up a MIDI synth in the FireworX? -set-up-MIDI-synth-228310408
The only things the v2 update gives you are additional presets and a slightly updated MIDI spec. Documentation of the V2 MIDI spec is here:

Regardless of the version, the FireWorX SYSEX specification only supports MIDI preset dumping and loading. As there is still no real-time SYSEX parameter message support in v2, you still can't use the FireWorX with a SYSEX editor.

So its up to you whether this plus the added presets are worthwhile. I looked into it some time ago and concluded it wasn't worth the hassle of finding an old SRAM card and somehow flashing it with the v2 image file.
Thanks Ranxerox!

Agree, not worth the hassle. Feel bad for those paying 140$ for the upgrade back then, — unless they found some useful presets. Aimed for post editing they probably not that useful today.
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