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Meng Qi Lines - Build Help
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Author Meng Qi Lines - Build Help
Anyone here built a Meng Qi Lines module?

I picked up a Partial Kit from Modular Addict and am confused as to how the PCB connects (electronically) to the panel.

I have the 1*4 pin headers installed from the back of the PCB, with the pins pushed in as described in the build guide. It seems like this should mate with a female header on the panel, but there is no place to attach one, and none specified in the BOM.

The panel has 4 solder pads near where the pins (almost) meet the panel, are the pins supposed to somehow attach to these?

I heard back from Meng Qi (who is impressively responsive on Etsy). He said the pads on the back of the panel (in the picture above) are for an SMD 1*4 2.54 female header, like this:

...which is not in the BOM. I didn't want to buy any more parts, so went ahead and made the connection with ribbon cable, and the module works fine.

Case closed!
thanks for posting this!
started building mine last week but put it aside before I got to that step.
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