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Adapting 4hp eurorack modules to 1U (Intellijel)
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Author Adapting 4hp eurorack modules to 1U (Intellijel)
I have a couple of 4HP modules I would like to turn sideways and put in an Intellijel 1U row. While they physically fit into the 1U row, I need some way to mount them into the rails. Has anyone come up with a quick fix for this? I saw another thread where someone re-panelled a 4HP module into a 1U tile, but I would rather find a way to mount the modules without swapping out the panel.
Just slice a rectangular opening into the 1U blank panel.
a thicker panel will let you thread/tap the holes so you can mount the 4HP panel to the 1U panel with short screws.
Since 4HP is narrower than 1U, I would think that all you would need was a bracket that would span the gap and reach the nearest mounting hole. I could see a custom panel with a hole big enough for a 4HP panel to mount in it would work (I have to check the exact measurements of course). This could be a universal panel for all 4HP modules. Unless you make it in quantities, it will cost you probably as much as making a custom panel for the particular module would.

You could make the panel or just cut some metal pieces that the module could bolt on and would then itself bolt into the rails. There would be gaps around the 4HP panel though that way.
I whipped this panel out for the PulpLogic sized 1U, I will do a Intellijel next but you get the basic idea. You could fit more HP in there if you wanted to, 6HP easily and maybe 8HP but it would be tight Dep[ending on the rails used, I doubt you could do it on most).

Here is an intellijel sized one. A 4HP module is a pretty tight fit and the PCB cannot be larger than the panel or have parts that stick our beyond by much. 4HP is 0.8" (20.32mm) and the space between the rails on an intellijel 1U rack is only 0.885" (22.5mm).

In making these panels I notice another difference between them other than the height difference, The hole spacing from the edge of the panels are different too. The Pulp Logic spacing is like that of the Anologue Systems spacing, ~0.2" from the edge, whereas the Intellijel uses the Doepfer's ~0.3" spacing from the edge.
Nice idea @ersatzplanet – doing a custom 1U panel is easy enough but this is more versatile if you want to swap things out often or don't want to commit to a custom panel.
Cool idea
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