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cheek plates? `blueprints? 168hp case
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Author cheek plates? `blueprints? 168hp case
i want to build 15u 168hp case. I think i should be ok to build the case. i have made lots of cabenets and furniture before, seems easy enough, yet it would be nice if i could find some blueprints or guides, which i have yet to find. I searched custom blueprint cases on muff and nothing i saw i wanted. some smaller 84/104 stuff.

also does anyone know where to find the plates that go on the side of the rails? i think im going to buy the synthrotek rails since they seem to be the cheapest (i could be mistaken, correct me if im wrong).

i posted of picture of what i was talking about.

going to go with Doepfer A-100PSU3, i probably only need like 2 of these right?

anyone know where to get 3U Sideplates for eurorack rails?
zoogoo wrote:
anyone know where to get 3U Sideplates for eurorack rails?
i sell templates, plans, and vector rail mounting brackets for my 6U, 9U, 12U, and 15U cases/cabinets. using the template and brackets makes precise rail mounting easy as all the screw locations are drilled through on the template (rail locations are also drilled so you can screw them in through the cabinet cheeks if you prefer to not use mounting brackets). my website is a bit thin on info but has the basics, email for more details if you're interested. the templates now have puzzle joints so i can fit them in a smaller package and ship them internationally for a reasonable price. once i have a good stock i'll update my site with all the variations/prices.
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