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Disting MK4 Quantizer MIDI output issue
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Author Disting MK4 Quantizer MIDI output issue

I have an issue regarding the MIDI output from the quantizers on my Disting MK4, set up with the MIDI Expander.

Recording the MIDI in Ableton I only get hanged notes. I had a look at the MIDI stream with "Midi Monitor" on my Mac and found a peculiarity:

The G-8 CV/MIDI works like expected, starting the gate with a MIDI note on and ending with a note off. (...and normal MIDI recordings in Ableton.)
The quantisers A-6, H-3 and H-4 start the gate with note off and end with note on. (...and hanged notes in Ableton.)

Is this a known issue, and is there a way to fix this?
That's working as expected. The note off is sent at the end of the note, that is, when the quantiser changes to a new note, immediately before the next note on.
Hi, Os!

Thanks for the fast reply. Sorry if my presentation was fuzzy.

The Issue is that the MIDI output from the quantizers A-6, H-3 and H-4 on my Disting MK4 give hanged notes both in Ableton and on my hardware synths. "Note off" is consistently being sent at the beginning of the note. "Note on" is sent at the end of the note. (When monitoring the midi stream with the Midi Monitor app on my Mac.)

The CV output from the quantizers work as expected.

From my tests it seems to be neither my Mac nor synths that are causing all the hanged notes. The G-8 CV/MIDI output works just fine with no hanged notes, so it seems to be an issue isolated to the MIDI translation on the quantizers A-6, H-3 and H-4.

I'm scratching my head a bit here. Is this isolated to my Disting, or is this a general issue?
My reply is the same - it's working as expected.

The problem in terms of recording the MIDI is that there's always a note in progress - there's never a final note off, since there is never a 'final CV' - the disting is continuously processing the incoming CVs.

If you can suggest a way you'd prefer it to work, please do.
Sorry if I'm making a big fuss about a problem no one else seem to be having.

The Disting quantizers are working beautifully for me, as long as I keep to the CV output.
When connected (directly) to the MIDI port on my hardware synths I get nothing but hanging notes from the quantizers. ––The G-8 CV/MIDI works perfectly with no hanging notes.

The quantizers MIDI note messages always start with note off and end with note on. ––The G-8 sends normal MIDI note messages: note on - note off.

So, I would be very happy if I could have the quantizers output MIDI note messages in the same usable way as the the G-8.
Is there some setting on the Disting i have missed, that could fix this issue?
Again, this is as expected.

Post the output of your Midi Monitor if you like and I'll check it.
Here's Midi Monitor info for A-6 powering on and converting some CV to MIDI. (H-3 and H-4 behave the same way as A-6, so I left them out to keep things simple.)
I have added Midi Monitor info on the G-8 algorithm as well, as a reference to MIDI output that works perfectly with my hardware MIDI synths.

The quantizers have MIDI activity when powering on the unit, and when switching from another algorithm.
G-8 has no MIDI activity when powering on the unit, nor when switching from a non midi algorithm. When switching to G-8 from a quantizer, G-8 sends "note off", killing hanging notes.

Please let me know if there's other procedures you think will better shed light on what's causing the issues with the MIDI output from the quantizers on my Disting.

That's all as expected.

In the quantiser, there is always a 'current note', so you're always between a note on and a note off.

Is what you want to impose a maximum note length or something? So notes automatically end if the quantiser input doesn't change?
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