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Vermona Perfourmer or 4 X Lancet + Modular Dock?
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Author Vermona Perfourmer or 4 X Lancet + Modular Dock?
Mr D
Hi folks,

I was considering getting a Perfourmer mk II, but then a thought struck me:

As i already own a Lancet 15 + Modular dock, wouldn't it make more sense to just but 3 more Lancets / docks?

Ok, it'll cost me around 300 euro more, but then I'll have a waaaaaay more capable polysynth.

+ points would be:

8 voices instead of 4 (actually 4 plus 4, but you get my drift)
Much more CV modulation possibilities (for example CV to filter cut-off, not possible with the Perfourmer)

- points would be:

Less friendly interface (layout of the units)
Lots of patching needed.
And the big one: lack of play modes.

So i guess my question is: does anyone know of a Eurorack module that would give me the same or similar control over the way voices would be allocated (either midi or CV) to the 4 X Lancet scenario?

Or maybe this would just end up being a waaay too crazy complicated set-up?!

BUT WAIT: another thought just struck me:

If i choose to go the 4X route, i could also choose to make the whole synth in Eurorack.

So if i went for that, what combination of OSCs and filter would be cool for this? I guess for sanity's (and wallet's) sake, it would be best to go for 4x a unit that has OSC & filter all-in-one, but what about envelopes?

Thanks! ......... D
Good points. The perfourmer's lack of filter CV always bothered me. One advantage of it against the 4x lancets is the presence of sine waves. If you are into FM stuff, I would consider this quite important.

Regarding play modes: the qMI2 is essentially the MIDI interface of the Perfourmer. You get all of its features, and then some.
Mr D
Thanks for your thoughts!

About sine waves: yeah, good point. Although i guess a workaround is that the Mod Dock allows you to route a sine into the filter.

About the: qMI2.....i notice it lacks the 6 way switch on it for play modes that the PerFourmer has, so i'm wondering if i would be missing some voice allocation features (which are quite important to me)

I'm also aware that i could achieve the desired voice allocation in quite a different way using, for example, plugins like the Piz MIDI ones.

Off on a tangent: 4 X Behringer Neutron also looks like a really nice way to build a polysynth!
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