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Post production techniques and ideas. how to...
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Author Post production techniques and ideas. how to...
I'm happy with my last sessions. They sound organic, alive...I'm very happy about the result. Wanted to ask you your ideas on how re-processing your stems.
I'm not talking about mixing (EQ/Compress/reverb/delay etc) but, how to recreate new parts based on your material.

I have a Doepfer 119 I never used. Will try to send some audio files through it and apply envelope filter etc...

Have an ER 301, will try the ultraviolet granular effect etc...

Can't wait to get Magneto!!!

I know there is no limit, but sometimes another approach is cool to get some ideas. What's yours?
ii quite often bounce an entire compex project down to four or 5 loops or stems and import to a fresh project and treat them as i would sampls beginning a new song from scratch.
slow it down, add reverb, pitch it up, repeat
Sometimes I like to record a 16- or 32-steps loop and have a tempo synced LFO modulating the gain/drive of the loop. Maybe even with a delay to fill up the empty spaces created by the LFO. Creates some unexpected emphasis.

Works pretty well to make a quick and dirty "encore" of a track.
I start off with a basic rhythm track and mess around with synths til i find something then add it through pedals for more effects. keep adding and taking away.
reverse! that's an ageold technique. worked for all the old composers.
and slow down/strech. same thing.
both together is often even better. one of the tricks eno used a lot.

another one is to use a good reverb and use the reverb only sound. also good to combine with the first ideas. either reverb before or after reverse/slowdown. often good to conceal any artifacts of streching.

and obviously granulate. many good granulators in vst/software. can combine with all of the above.

hard/extreme eq is sometimes usefull, like cutting all the lows or highs. with reverb you can get really nice fx.

you'll end up with a sound that has little to do with the original, so you can use it as the basis of a new track. great techniques if you should run out of ideas!
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Production Techniques  
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