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New Shakmat - Gemini's Path
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Author New Shakmat - Gemini's Path
Bishop Dust
evs wrote:
Does it remember it state after a power cyle?

You can save a state yes smile
2disbetter wrote:
R.U.Nuts wrote:
Phitar wrote:
R.U.Nuts wrote:
Ok, well: So this is basically a dual VCA with decay envelopes, a sine LFO and prepatched routings for stereo panning applications in 6HP? If so: How much for the DIY kit? Rockin' Banana!

But basically isn't that quite a lot in 6 hp? confused

Yes it is. That's why there's the Rockin' Banana! And my question about the price is because I want one. I'm not a native English speaker so I guess I messed something up.

Nah your English was fine. At the beginning it did have a slight negative tone, but it became apparent this wasn't intended when you asked about a DIY kit. And just incase there was any doubt, as you said, the dancing guitar banana insured the reader knew this was a positive question about the model.

thumbs up

THX w00t
Bishop Dust wrote:
The module is currently in production (we had a lot of beta testing reviews smile so a lot of choices and prototyping smile )

We added a few stuff more informations soon !

Oohh, can't wait to hear whats new.

Did I miss the pricing news or has that still not been released?
Bishop Dust
Here we go with pricing :

Assembled : 219 €/$ incl taxes

Kits : 169 €/$ incl taxes

The kits is a SMD board (pre soldered) and a thru hole board (for pot / buttons / jack connectors / LEDs / power supply) with a few components ! Fast and easy build smile
Paranormal Patroler
Sweet love love
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