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ES-8 + ES-6 Woes
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Author ES-8 + ES-6 Woes
So I got a weird one, and I'm not sure where the problem lies.

I bought an ES-6 the other month to keep my -8 company. However, when hooked up (via both the ribbon and Toslink cables), it often, but not always, does not report the correct number of ins/outs to OSX:

It's not consistent about this. Sometimes it will show 0 ins/16 outs other times 0 ins/0 outs, and about a third of the time 12/16 like it should.

Even when it's properly reporting its ins and outs, Logic doesn't always recognize the ES-6 channels, even when the ES-6 shows a signal input via the LEDs.

Turning my case off and on often fixes this, but not always. It takes a good fifteen minutes of fiddling to get everything working, by which point I've probably said to hell with it and disabled the ES-6 (just unplugging the Toslink from the ES-8 is enough to get everything working again). I've tried two different Toslink cables with the same effect.

Mid-2011 iMac, with the USB cable plugged directly in to the computer (no hub). I'm running High Sierra 10.13.4, Logic 10.4.1, and my firmware is 1.10. Any ideas?

(edit: changed the sampling to 24-bit 44.1kHz to match my MOTU 828x to no avail. I may try rearranging things and plugging the ES-6 into the 828 to see if that works, but not tonight)
I seem to recall someone else having a similar problem, which was down to the ES-8 not getting enough power.
Hm, that's not completely out of the question. I'm using a Mantis which you'd think would have plenty of juice, but it splits its 3A into three 1A zones and IIRC the entire bottom row is one zone.

I'm cutting it close for the bottom row, but pulling Clouds out of the bottom row didn't help, and I should have about 120mA free after doing that.

Tonight when I get home from work I'll try putting the ES-8 into its own rack with 1A on both rails. Thanks for looking into it.
All right, plugged it into its own rack and powered it on a few times. One time it reported 12in/16outs, but Logic wouldn't recognize the ES-6 channels. The second time it reported 0/0. The third time the lower PLL light was blinking and the white Toslink port on the ES-8 went kindof nuts, and the fourth time... worked just fine.

Then the fifth time it showed 0/0 again. Starting to think the ES-6 is defective, although it could of course be an OS issue.

Last ditch attempt will be to use my MOTU interface instead of the ES-8, but it'll be a bit of a PITA to set up. Lemme see what I can do.

Edit: whoops, forgot that the ES-6 is strictly an expander, not a standalone thing. It dead, Jim.
Does the ES-8 work OK without the ES-6?
Yes, it works just fine.
Hmm, I'm trying to think how the ES-6 could possibly take down the ES-8, apart from lack of power.

Is the ES-8 clock set to 'Internal'? If it were set to 'ADAT' that might do it.
I took the ES-6 out but yes, Internal clock, 24-bit/44.1.

Two things I forgot to mention:

1) It's also part of an aggregate device with my Motu, and under that setting the Motu is the master clock, with drift correction turned on for the ES-8. Both devices are set to 24/44.1.

2) Unplugging the Toslink cable is enough to get the ES-8 to work consistently. It doesn't care if the ribbon cable connects the modules. Again I've tried multiple Toslink cables with the same result, with the shortest one at 18 inches.
That's very odd.

Does your MOTU have an ADAT input? If so, leaving the ES-6 connected to the ES-8 with the ribbon cable, try connecting its ADAT output to the MOTU.
It does. I might be able to give that a shot this weekend -- it'll be a bit of a PITA to set up since I don't have a long enough Toslink cable to reach the modular. I'll let you know.
All right, tried hooking the ES-6 up to the MOTU's ADAT and... it seems to work fine?!? Even weirder, the ES-6 is working consistently with the ES-8 again, at least through five or six power cycles. No idea what the hell is going on -- maybe I bought multiple bad Toslink cables or something. Thanks again for the help.

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