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Power midimuso from Eurorack power supply?
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Author Power midimuso from Eurorack power supply?
Hi, I have one of these: and thought I would sit the board inside my eurorack case and make a panel for the jacks.
I want to avoid running an extra power source in for it. Would it be possible (or wise) to run power out of one of my +12V ribbon connectors into it?

The board has a standard 12V DC input jack, centre positive.
Found this thread by chance, asking myself the same question...

Anybody ?
As long as your PSU can handle it, should be no problem just running it from your eurorack +12V rail.
Dave Kendall
Note that the docs state that 500mA is needed for the CV12.
Worth checking that your euro PSU has enough spare capacity for that - it's quite a power draw.
Yes, it can be done, I've built two Eurorack modules using the CV-12.

Works great. One thing to watch out for is that it really wants *at least* +12V. Any less and it's hard to get v/oct out of it. I had issues when my +12V rail was only supplying +11.93V; trimmed the PSU to supply +12.03V and it's all good.
OB1 -> before ordering, what do you think about it ? Is it as perfect as it looks like ? I mean, 6 cv/oct+gate and 6 cc to cv s, kinda smells fishy right ?

Is the latency, tracking, stability satisfying ?
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