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Free MOOC class on MAX programming
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Author Free MOOC class on MAX programming
Hey all, I've been reading for a while but don't post much.

I wanted to share that I just signed up for a MOOC class on Kadenze called "Programming MAX: Structuring Interactive Software for Digital Arts". The guy teaching the class, Dr. Matt Wright, has been programming in Max since forever and is technical director at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics.

I've been interested in learning Max for a while but, despite having both Max for Live and a Max 7 license, I have never really taken the time to really dive in and learn this stuff.

I posted this in the modular section on GS and I'm posting here because I thought others might be interested in going through the course as well. It would be cool to go through it together with a few people, if anyone is interested.

It's free to audit, and starts on May 29th. Here's the course link and review from the Cycling blog -

Course: e-software-for-digital-arts-i/info

Review: adenze/
Sounds good but I'm getting a 404 Error on that link. I"m definitely interested in this though. w00t
zeit wrote:
Sounds good but I'm getting a 404 Error on that link. I"m definitely interested in this though. w00t

Ahh - sorry about that. They should be fixed now!
Willowhaus I have time for this? Mr. Green Thought I'd get more into MAX a couple years ago, but only dabbled briefly...maybe a course would be a motivator.
The teacher is great, knows what he is doing, not only MaxMSP, but teaching.

In contrast with the Reaktor Kadenze course, with a younger guy that seems very knowledgeable (his explanation of FM synthesis made it "click" to me), but seems not used to the camera and teaches the whole course in a soporific monotone voice (I recommend the course, but prepare some coffee, you gonna need it).
Yeah, I did the paid version of this when it first ran (I guess now it's just non-stop?) and found it very worthwhile. There was a point where I just hit a wall towards the end of the class, but even if you can get through the first 4-5 sessions you'll learn a lot of the fundamentals.

I kind of wish they broke things up a bit more and focused specifically on MAX for a class, specifically on MSP, then on Jitter, because I'm not super interested in the video side (at least initially) and felt like it got a little confusing mixing all the elements so quickly.

Anyway, great class despite me not being able to finish it confused Maybe if my own school/teaching got in the way, who knows. It was definitely demanding more time and problem solving by the end.

Going to check it out. Max is gargantuan. There's so much to learn. And even at a basic level there are many different ways to approach something and focus.

Do you dac or do you ezdac? seriously, i just don't get it
a snippet called gainanddac.

this is great, thanks!
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