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Powering Eurorack with Portable AC source
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Author Powering Eurorack with Portable AC source

First to preface, I am NOT very knowledgeable on the concept of electrical stuff, wiring, power etc. I am however trying to power my 9U eurorack case to play outside.

I've read many topics about using car battery + inverters, stacking/wiring batteries to provide -12 +12v etc. But I didn't feel confident soldering, and I didn't want to carry around a car battery so I went with a portable AC solution using This guy

Of course as soon as I plugged my case into the AC jack of the above device, my case turned on and all my modules started flickering and in panic i shut it off. I tried it again just in case and of course it doesn't work..

Does anybody have the patience to let me know what I'm missing? My primitive brain thought that this would be enough to power my case..

I use a Pittsburgh Modular EP-360 and here is my rack

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
Eurorack modules like good clean power. Digital based modules act particularly funky when you give them less than optimal power. Optimal power not only means the right voltage, but also enough amps and not a bunch of noise and spikes. I'm not an expert, but I know there are different electronic ways of converting power and some are not suitable for modular gear due to the method of conversion they use. I suspect the device you have is using a less than optimal and usually "cheapest way" to convert the power and the results are what you witnessed. In the reviews for this item there are people saying that it does not run induction motors or led lights very well also.
It is very possible that the inrush current of the power supplies in your case is enough to trip the overcurrent protection in the inverter in that portable battery pack. The flickering would be the inverter trying to restart and failing. Cheap inverters are often troublesome in this way unless you significantly oversize them. (And any no-name 200W inverter is a cheap inverter, even if the whole product cost this much. :( )

I don't have a specific recommendation, I haven't done portable modular stuff yet.
That makes sense, I knew it was too good to be true to be running my setup on a "made-in-china" portable AC power. Perhaps I might have to use a car battery after all! Thanks
Have a look at Goal Zero. The Yeti 400 should have enough to power your rig. Warning, they are not cheap and not light.
That does look good! but like you said, big.

I guess it's a pipe dream to power eurorack systems with small portable sources. Thanks all.
Maybe think about a smaller case for playing outside.
I am able to power my current modules from this: a-100-power-bank-inverter/
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