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Are there "ghost clips" in Bitwig?
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Author Are there "ghost clips" in Bitwig?
Just spent some time looking in the manual but I can't find the answer:

Say I drag a clip from the clip launcher into multiple locations in the arrangement, and lengthen those arrangement clips so it loops x amount of times. If I the edit the original clip in the launcher are the edits applied to the copies in the arrangement?

Please say yes!
I bailed on bitwig a few years back but as I recall once a clip is dragged from the launcher into a track it becomes a separate entity with any subsequent changes to the original not reflected in the the track.

But there may have been updates that added this (it was a big feature request in the forums at the time) or I'm remembering it wrong.....
Damn! very frustrating

Cubase had this 20 years ago.... I see they are repeating a few mistakes that Ableton made...
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