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Studio One 4
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Author Studio One 4
Howdy, any S1 users... the new release came out today, v4, for £128. I was a bit miffed at the lack of new stuff, but now I'm getting my hands on it, turns out it's fantastic.
1) The 'pattern tracks' give you an inline step sequencer, which includes variable loop lengths for each note lane and ratcheting. This is going to be fun with Expert Sleepers. The symbols on the pattern sequencer make me think they've been playing with Metropolis...
2) On that subject, Expert Sleepers plugins now appear as both instruments and effects separately (it was weird before and didn't quite work.)
3) The chord track does something pretty remarkable - instant chord detection and chord following for both audio and MIDI, track-wide.
4) Sample One now has just enough features to make it useful, borrowing quite a lot from Renoise I think. It's pretty neat.
5) Impact drum machine is better. Not revolutionary, but little tweaks have made it suddenly interesting, and you can drag loops into it and automatically slice and map them.

In short, many of the things I usually go back to Renoise for are suddenly here in S1, and combined with the chord stuff it's produced something quite wonderful. No doubt Pro Tools recording engineer types will be disappointed, but anyone who straddles wiggling with songwriting will enjoy it.

Anyone else tried it? Thoughts? w00t
Having played with it a bit more, it's a bit frustrating. The sampler isn't quite enough, and nor is the pattern sequencer. They're going in the right direction, but you quickly get cross... ah well.
Hmm...yeah, was kind of interested after seeing the video yesterday but didn't get a dropeverythingandbuynao!! vibe from it. Interested in hearing more as you get into it.
I tried the demo yesterday. I tried importing a movie (AVI), and it actually played! Movie playback never worked before on 64 bit windows, but I'm not sure about other video formats and mac. Another good thing is you can now have a UI with lighter colours, I prefer that. Still no support for surround or other multichannel setups I think (at least they said noting about it in the new features list).
So just curious, what are the things Studio one does that are similar to renoise?
Pretty excited too about the new release, but I don't think it deserves a new version number. Usually, when software increases its version number it warrants a big makeover, redesign or core improvement. Something like a new engine, a ui redesign or something major. I see a lot of companies just using this version numbering for marketing purposes rather for proper development versioning.

Yeah Studio One 4 is a good update, lots of tweaks and improvements. But I don't see anything major. It still focuses on console integration and recording-mixing-mastering workflow. I find its not tailored for modern electronic producers. Impact is one of the suckiest drum machines I've used and making your own custom sets is 10 times harder than in Live. I also find it's harder to do track editing or remixing in Studio One, the tools are there, but they are more confusing to use. Oh and after doing plenty of tutorials I'm still hugely confused about the myriad of sidebars and submenus of submenus this software has.

But personally I prefer it to Live. The UI is better designed, easier to use without having to do online schooling and more intuitive overall (but with some quirks). The effects don't require horizontal scrolling for 2 minutes and some of them just have better presets or sound better out of the box.
armaniamn wrote:
Any torrent links?

Don't be an idiot.
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