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Making Cv cables, new happy user :)
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Author Making Cv cables, new happy user :)
first i want to say when i found out that i can control CV with a software i was amazed, thank you for this great thing smile
before i ask the questions i wanted to ask an important question..if i have a VCF CV in from a synth (x0xb0x) can i do an automation to the filter in cubase?

i use RME's FF400, my DC outputs are 7/8 (its 2 mono outputs in one jack)
can i use both mono outputs as CV?
if i can use both mono outputs do i need to use this cable ?
An alternative is to wire a TRS jack to two TS jacks, connecting one T->T/S->S and the other R->T/S->S.

if i need to use this cable i didnt understand the ring connection..
this is what i understood by now..
TRS tip to TS tip, TRS sleeve to TS sleeve, whats next?
do i need to connect the TRS ring to the TS tip and the sleeve as well?

thanks and waiting for u'r reply,
Isak E.
Yes, if your synth has a filter CV input, you can automate that in Cubase.

The FF400's DC-coupled channels are the headphone outputs, as I recall, so the jack is a stereo output. You can use both of the channels to send CV.

You need what is commonly called a 'Y' insert cable, or simply a stereo-to-mono splitter: 3
thank you very much smile
Fireface user here. Check out the Hosa/Livewire YPP-117. It has female TS(mono) outs. It's nice when you just want to use one channel or have Moogs with CV/Gate in/outs on the same jack.
thanks man i'll check it smile

i made the Y cable applause
can u help with something els..?

thanks again thumbs up
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