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The Resonant Frequencies
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Author The Resonant Frequencies
Resonant Frequencies is a monthly open mic night specifically for Electronic Musicians and Visual Synthesis. No DJ's, No Singer Songwriters. Just you and some machines, making love in sweet {dis}harmony.

The focus is on hardware sets yet other modalities are encouraged. We welcome all genres of music; what better way to do that than getting together, sharing those ideas and make connections.

Let's build the scene we want to see.

Live visuals will be provided by Dirty Bill + guests! Please inquire about performing visuals.

Soundwave Studios is gracious enough to host this event on their stage.

15-20 Min Sets.
Sign up from 5-6pm. 1st Set at 6pm.
You are provided 8 channels on a mixer and power.
Please bring all necessary cables.[/img]
When is it. All ages (so I can bring my kid)?
I’m hoping to come out for the January session. Any risk of the sign up being full? It’s quite a drive for me.

Also, what’s the PA situation? Should I bring my own preamp?
Esgal, if it's your first time playing, you will get priority on the order. So no worries about whether you'll get to play ... 95% chance yes!

Re: the PA, there's a big-ass PA in the space. Typically if you have a 6+ ft stereo pair of 1/4" or XLR cables coming out of your rig you should be good to go.

Excellent. January 6th is the next, next one right? First Sunday? Can I bring an image for the video dudes to mess with?
No actually -- this Sunday, Dec 2 is the next one!

Can’t make that one. That’s why I was asking about the “next, next one”. The one after that hehehe
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