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Roland SH-101 Tutorial by Mathew Jonson
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Author Roland SH-101 Tutorial by Mathew Jonson

That's awesome!

I just picked up an SH-01a and what a great bunch of insights.
the subleness he played the box on typerope i dig very much indeed.
i can hear it sometimes 'between the notes' - he seems quite a step further into modulating the hell out of it now.

it is a good synth demo by a professional shot by professionals.
in the end he will had a good salary for this and promotion on top.
as you can see on the pictures his studio evolved quite a bit.

in the end i heard once again the i would get friends with a 101 very quickly.
but as far as i'm into spending good cash on modules i hestitate to do so on
classics. it might be my first hit of behringer thought....
Hm I don't really like what he does, but as a SH owner I must say that this was really inspiring.
I have one for few years now, and I discovered things I didn't even imagine in those vids.
Thanks !
Red Electric Rainbow
Sunshine Jones created a really great manual for the SH-01a. Some features aren’t available on the original SH-101 but there are some insightful patches here you can try to recreate using either. PDF link below.

A Users Guide To The Roland SH-01a by Sunshine Jones
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