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Miscellaneous audio experiments
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Author Miscellaneous audio experiments
Miscellaneous audio of miscellaneous sessions of gear combinations that dont have a home anywhere else,
similar to guitar experiments, but everything that isn't a guitar.
Time to finally break this thread in :shock:
Its been an interesting couple of days.
Ive been using the Effector 13 Truly Beautiful Disaster as an oscillator smile
Yeah its really really cool.
Sequencing with the Binary Zone into the TBD in, then fed into the Miniwave,TM-1,TM-7.

It does really cool kicks and can do 3 note basslines too.

BZ driving TBD into miniwave>TM-1>TM-7 with EG-1 in TM-1 VCA CV in.
Now lets try that with a Psycho LFO in the BEAM CV input
Sweeping a self oscillating filter is just like sweeping the pitch of an oscillator, they are the same.
So here I run the clock out of the Binary Zone into the VCA CV in on the TM-1 and twiddle the Ringmod OSC Pitch and it sounds like a hi-hat/filter sweep thing...
Really cool! Must hear!
Setup is the same only instead of having the EG-1 in the VCA CV in the Binary zone clock is there.
sequenced TBD miniwave tm-1 tm-7_03 hi hat sweep thing

Now we are ready to get into hearing this thing used in a synthy bassline way. smile
But first,I wonder what it sounds like when you plug the BZ clock out into TM-1 ringmod carrier input(trem effect),EG-1 into VCA CV in,Psycho LFO to BEAM CV,and BZ TBD sequence to audio in jack on TM-1?

Looks so cute all with all of her holes filled lol
That needs a closeup

Now we are going to run the BZ out to TBD>miniwave>TM-1's BEAM CV IN(with EG-1 into VCA CV in)>and BZ inv out to Resonator HP freq with resonator audio into TM-1 audio in.
Fuzz Synth 1
K....So it works out a little better when i run the resonator to its own channel on the mixer: Fuzz synth 2
Alright....Now lets stick the Sonic Alienator on the end of the Resonator and set it to about 80% wet so that some of the unaffected resonator pokes through: Fuzz synth 3

Now lets use the Mobius to sequence the Resonator and use the Binary Zone to sequence the TBD chain. I sent the clock out of the Mobius to the Clock in on the Binary Zone to sync them.
BZ>TBD>Miniwave>TM-1(with EG-1 into VCA CV in>TM-7,
Mobius>resonator>TorN's Peaker>Wiggler>mixer.
Fuzz Synth 5
Fuzz synth 7, more of the same thing.

Now this is where it gets fun!
The TBD has a neato photo eye that does all sorts of wacky things when you stick your finger in its eye! it also has a cool feedback loop, which i use just used as a second output to the TM-1 BEAM CV IN.
Turning my finger into an LFO is godlike, "I command you to Wiggle and shriek!"
I conducted a Shriek orchestra! lol
Photo eye shriek orchestra

Now lets play the thing from the keyboard.
TBD>VFM>TorN's Peaker>Miniwave>TM-1(EG-1 into VCA CV in)>TM-7.
VFM is off, but I stomp it on at the end.(you'll hear it)
Fuzz synth 10
Now heres an interesting observation, when I engage the feedback loop with nothing in the feedback loop it "smooths" the sound out a little, takes off the pumpy bumpyness.
I start out with tbd to tp, and then i engage the feedback loop(with nothing in the loop), then i turn on the VFM, then i turn it off, then i turn off the feedback loop switch.Fuzz synth 11
Hear the TM-1 kick things up a notch(with EG-1 in BEAM CV in)

And of course i had to see what my guitar would sound like through all that mess, these are guitar pedals wink
I'll stick that in the guitar experiments thread.

So thats the short version of using a bunch of stuff in applications they arent generally suggested for/used by others for: TBD as an OSC/kick drum, Resonator as an OSC,TM-1 as a tremolo,TM-1 as a VCA,Miniwave as a fuzz.
Im going to put the long version up on VIRB in a little while.
listening to these. found em on modsynth doing a binary zone search.

awesome awesome stuff sir.
Thanks for listening! hyper
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