Miscellaneous audio experiments

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Miscellaneous audio experiments

Post by zerosum » Mon May 28, 2007 1:26 pm

Miscellaneous audio of miscellaneous sessions of gear combinations that dont have a home anywhere else,
similar to guitar experiments, but everything that isn't a guitar.

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Post by zerosum » Thu Aug 02, 2007 3:30 am

Time to finally break this thread in :shock:
Its been an interesting couple of days.
Ive been using the Effector 13 Truly Beautiful Disaster as an oscillator :)
Yeah its really really cool.
Sequencing with the Binary Zone into the TBD in, then fed into the Miniwave,TM-1,TM-7.

It does really cool kicks and can do 3 note basslines too.

BZ driving TBD into miniwave>TM-1>TM-7 with EG-1 in TM-1 VCA CV in.
Now lets try that with a Psycho LFO in the BEAM CV input
Sweeping a self oscillating filter is just like sweeping the pitch of an oscillator, they are the same.
So here I run the clock out of the Binary Zone into the VCA CV in on the TM-1 and twiddle the Ringmod OSC Pitch and it sounds like a hi-hat/filter sweep thing...
Really cool! Must hear!
Setup is the same only instead of having the EG-1 in the VCA CV in the Binary zone clock is there.
sequenced TBD miniwave tm-1 tm-7_03 hi hat sweep thing

Now we are ready to get into hearing this thing used in a synthy bassline way. :)
But first,I wonder what it sounds like when you plug the BZ clock out into TM-1 ringmod carrier input(trem effect),EG-1 into VCA CV in,Psycho LFO to BEAM CV,and BZ TBD sequence to audio in jack on TM-1?
Looks so cute all with all of her holes filled :lol:
That needs a closeup

Now we are going to run the BZ out to TBD>miniwave>TM-1's BEAM CV IN(with EG-1 into VCA CV in)>and BZ inv out to Resonator HP freq with resonator audio into TM-1 audio in.
Fuzz Synth 1
K....So it works out a little better when i run the resonator to its own channel on the mixer: Fuzz synth 2
Alright....Now lets stick the Sonic Alienator on the end of the Resonator and set it to about 80% wet so that some of the unaffected resonator pokes through: Fuzz synth 3

Now lets use the Mobius to sequence the Resonator and use the Binary Zone to sequence the TBD chain. I sent the clock out of the Mobius to the Clock in on the Binary Zone to sync them.
BZ>TBD>Miniwave>TM-1(with EG-1 into VCA CV in>TM-7,
Mobius>resonator>TorN's Peaker>Wiggler>mixer.
Fuzz Synth 5
Fuzz synth 7, more of the same thing.

Now this is where it gets fun!
The TBD has a neato photo eye that does all sorts of wacky things when you stick your finger in its eye! it also has a cool feedback loop, which i use just used as a second output to the TM-1 BEAM CV IN.
Turning my finger into an LFO is godlike, "I command you to Wiggle and shriek!"
I conducted a Shriek orchestra! :lol:
Photo eye shriek orchestra

Now lets play the thing from the keyboard.
TBD>VFM>TorN's Peaker>Miniwave>TM-1(EG-1 into VCA CV in)>TM-7.
VFM is off, but I stomp it on at the end.(you'll hear it)
Fuzz synth 10
Now heres an interesting observation, when I engage the feedback loop with nothing in the feedback loop it "smooths" the sound out a little, takes off the pumpy bumpyness.
I start out with tbd to tp, and then i engage the feedback loop(with nothing in the loop), then i turn on the VFM, then i turn it off, then i turn off the feedback loop switch.Fuzz synth 11
Hear the TM-1 kick things up a notch(with EG-1 in BEAM CV in)

And of course i had to see what my guitar would sound like through all that mess, these are guitar pedals :wink:
I'll stick that in the guitar experiments thread.

So thats the short version of using a bunch of stuff in applications they arent generally suggested for/used by others for: TBD as an OSC/kick drum, Resonator as an OSC,TM-1 as a tremolo,TM-1 as a VCA,Miniwave as a fuzz.
Im going to put the long version up on VIRB in a little while.

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Post by Kwote » Tue May 06, 2008 12:15 am

listening to these. found em on modsynth doing a binary zone search.

awesome awesome stuff sir.
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Post by zerosum » Tue May 06, 2008 1:15 am

Thanks for listening! :hyper:

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