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Plogue PortaFM
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Author Plogue PortaFM

Just tried this - sounds great! At the bottom of that page it lists some upcoming 'chip synth products'; there are no details but I'm guessing FC=Famicon, MD=Megadrive, 64=C64, SFC?? Anyway, looking forward to the rest of these. w00t

Edit: Found some more on the upcoming synths:
I bought this, sounds excellent. David's level of research is awe-inspiring and the results are incredible for the price.

Highly recommend all the Plogue stuff.

Nice find on the UI stuff!
These guys/girls really get the UI for softsynths done right!

Fuck all those busy graphics made to look like real hardware, with tons of tiny switches....
This is really cool. I hope in the future they also make recreations of the more feature packed yamaha chips, like the YM2203 maybe.
Hey all,
I love this little VSTi. So much fun. I've had it for months and I just realized in the "Settings" menu that it can load Scala tunings. I thought holy shit this thing can do microtone... but it doesn't seem to work? Anyone else confirmed this?
Soy Sos
PotraFM looks cool, probably don't need it tho.
For those of you with ChipCrusher, get ChipCrusher 2.
It was a free upgrade for me and feels so much more useful!
A much more streamlined and user friendly GUI and a new
delay section that adds a lot of character.
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