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Logic Pro X in 2018 with ES40 & 8CV
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Author Logic Pro X in 2018 with ES40 & 8CV
Hello all,

I'm using :

• Logic Pro X 10.4.1 on a 2013 MacPro (Cylinder)
• UAD Apollo Quad Silver Thunderbolt (using the SPDIF outputs 19/20 to go to ES40)


I'm trying to resurrect my use of the Expert Sleepers/Silent Way system.
I opened my previous setups but nothing is working.

I've connected Port 1 on the 8CV to VCO IN on my Korg MS10,
I've connected Port 2 on the 8CV to TRIGGER IN on the Korg MS10

Synth is coming in to Input 7 on the Apollo.
Audio Interface outputs to the ES40 via output 19/20 (SPDIF)

All I'm getting from the MS10 is a low level clicking. Can't even calibrate.
Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong ?

Or maybe there is a better way of handling MIDI inputs in the new Logic ? The tutorials are all pretty old now.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated !! I'm a dummy too and have forgotten pretty much anything I learned, so basic explanations if at all possible.

Many thanks !

is your gate inverted, it doesn't look like it in the screenshot,korg ms need inverted gates.for playback and calibration.
hope this helps
Thanks MPL

Which controls do I use to do that ? There are a few dials with Gate on, do I just throw them to the opposite end of the dial ?

Sorry ... I'm a luddite with this stuff !
gate ons become 0
gate offs become 1
i can't remember if you need to do the triggers.
depending on which methods of control for pitch your using i.e.
into key in- use the hertz/volt setting
into freq in - use 1v/oct and the keyboard will transpose the seq, although sometimes the key voltage droops over time,i use the wheel patched into key in and set wheel to full(any constant voltage will do) that will stop the droop.
you will get a larger oct range using the freq in, but you loose the socket for patching.. win some loose some
i have ms20+ms10 and hearing them sequenced in tune sounded great,the nicest I've ever heard them.
Thanks again.

Still not a peep out of the Expert Sleepers System I'm afraid. Would you mind clarifying the following points ?

• When you say 'Key In' do you mean 'VCO CV In (0 to +8v)' ?
• When you say 'Freq In' do you mean the 'VCO Freq -5v to +5v' in the top left of the patch bay ?

• Are you referring to Gate Open and Closed in the Voltages section to the left of the envelope graphs ?
• Do I also need to change the amounts in the Outputs tab ?

• Have I set the outputs/inputs of each channel correctly ?

Apologies once again for my ignorance.
I so badly need to get this working !!

It has to be said its a bit of a fiddle to start with, here is a screenshot of SW controlling ms10 in logic.
And your assumptions are correct about ms10 inputs.the screenshot shows hertz/volt i.e. pitch plugged into Key in and as you can see in the calibration graph which parts of the voltages are doing useful work, the ramp bit in the middle.I would get it working with the key in then once thats working try the +/-5v input.
things to check
all audio gains are set to 0(unity) on route to expert sleepers hardware, and if your audio interface has a control panel check there also
watch out for "pan"laws(os has a page about all of that)
make sure that the audio is being routed back to the plug in for calibration(Side Chain input)
settings on the synth i.e. filter open and sustain on envelope etc.
if using the Fm+/- 5v input remember to turn the knob up full(EG/Ext,the bottom one.) on the fm section
you should also see the plug in react when you play the control keyboard.
remember to highlight the logic track with the sw plug in to play as normal with instruments
check your leads.
hopefully this will get you up and running.
Excellent !

Thank you - those settings got me up and running.
MS10 is beautifully calibrated now and working great.

I thought there was a load of latency. Turns out I also needed to offset the gate by -1

Thanks again !

On a related topic, has anyone figured out how to map realtime midi CC's through to, say, a SW DC plugin to send evolving CV, using the SAME track that a SW Voice Controller is on while being able to address pitch CV and gates through multi-out version?

To be clear, the goal is to have one track in Logic where I can record/perform pitch and gate CV of an instrument WHILE also sending say, midi cc1 from a modwheel to an additional ES-3 CV out simultaneously to perform another (third) CV parameter from that track as well. I'm trying to perform/record my modular similar to any other hardware synth smile

I understand you're supposed to use the SW Learner, but the only place you can install a 'Learner' in a Logic track is as a software instrument; but then you have to load the SW Voice Controller as an audio effect plugin, which negates the ability to load a 3-way multi-out audio plugin... so you're stuck with only two CV destinations from the stereo version.

Had a good look through the manual but I just can't seem to find the correct solution... but I'm guessing you can do this somehow. Any help greatly appreciated!
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