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Shrolca Kickstarter volca size shruthi midi touchplate keys
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Author Shrolca Kickstarter volca size shruthi midi touchplate keys
we did a thing cle-synthesizer

looks interesting!

I see there is no DIY option? Will there be one? Also: since the Shruthi was famous for its open source approach: will the shrolca follow up on this?
really nice, will keep an eye on this for sure. good luck with the project!
there is no diy option yet because it is SMT

and yes this will be fully open source upon release.

all files will be published.
nice one! I like it will have a metal case and integrated keyboard

some questions:

1. what filter are you using? does it have any "type" parameter like modes or different slopes?

2. where are the CV inputs? are they assignable to different parameter per patch or globally?

3. in the eurorack version are the audio I/O compatible with euro levels?

thank you so much for your interest!

24db ladder filter. this is a single mode low pass filter.

the cv i/o is only accessible with the euro option expander panel. pictures coming this week and will be added to update the page. and yes it will be compatible with euro levels.
companyofquail wrote:
24db ladder filter. this is a single mode low pass filter.

a new design? or is this one of the previously available for the shruthi?
this is a different design
oh, also the cv inputs are assignable per patch. they are just part of the routing matrix. you get 12 slots per patch. you can check out the kickstarter page for the rest of the sources and destinations. thank you for all the good questions, this will help a lot when doing the update with the euro frame expander.
update please?
as of now the kickstarters have been fulfilled and i am going to take a couple of months off and finish some other projects. i doubt i will do another run of these units unless they catch on from the delivered units and i can justify making 100 more. i have not decided whether to offer the remaining units online myself or just distribute them through shops.
Ah I see. Hope it was successful. Thanks for that!
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