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Arturia V Collection 6.1
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Author Arturia V Collection 6.1
I broke down and bought this, the Fairlight kinda sold me. It's a really fuckin' impressive set of synths, they all sound fantastic too. I haven't done an a/b with my minimoog to theirs but i'm overall impressed. Only bummer is i have a bunch of Prophet VS patches a friend gave me from an old Collection in .provbank format, which i guess the new V3 Prophet V won't read.

Thoughts? Tips? Discuss away.
Are you aware there is a VC4 Updater which, as I understand it, updates earlier presets for V5?
dubonaire wrote:
Are you aware there is a VC4 Updater which, as I understand it, updates earlier presets for V5?

I am, but apparently you must own the previous versions of the software to use other words i can't just load the V2 patches into the updater, it has to read them from the V2 itself confused
How processing power hungry are these?
orangehexagon wrote:
How processing power hungry are these?

It varies. I'm on 2014 maxed out iMac and don't have any issues unless i'm running a fuckload at the same time, in which case i'll freeze the background ones i'm not fucking with.
Absolutely love the V collection. I don't own any of the synths represented but they all sound fantastic to my ears.
I think the upgrade price from version 5 is too high for what you get, at least for me. If the upgrade goes on sale for $99 or less then I will buy it. Otherwise I will wait.
I like what Arturia did with this line-up. The UI is great and a lot easier to work with as opposed to the Korg Legacy VSTs. And they also included a ton of presets for each instrument so anyone will surely find something up their alley to further tweak out.

Speaking of tweaking, almost every soft synth in this line-up has a "hidden" panel with extra knobs, parameters or envelopes. I only discovered the panels after a few months of usage so they are really not that obvious.
Just bought the collection, couldn't resist after getting the 50% discount via Native Instruments. Played around with the Modular, 2600, SEM and Piano, hitting the 20 minute mark with each in what felt like 5 minutes.

I still think they feel a little cold compared to the U-he Diva, partly because of the awesome "trimmer" section in that one. But I am a sucker for GUI:s and the identity of a synthesizer. I love having the SEM or the 2600 in front of me, what's there is there, I can navigate the interface with ease and find the process of making sounds fun despite the mouse clicking and dragging.
I assume people know this but the entire collection is on sale for the next day or so for $249 . Latest version with Buchla Easel, synclavier, and all the others. All the usual suspects are selling the download including direct from arturia’s web site.

If you want the box you can get it for $259 from 8th street music and they currently have a 15% off coupon (holidaysale) that makes the whole thing around $220 plus about $10 shipping.

I’m not a big windows software guy but for that price it’s a no brainer if you have any interest in stuff like their easel, jup8, Moog modular, prophet vs, SEM, etc. Hell, I’m looking forward to the wurlie 200
Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat.
I love the Fairlight for its lo-fi "texture". Slightly disappointed in the DX7, but that's just because the envelopes are above my IQ level. If I edit them, I can never get them back to how they were before.
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