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Arturia V Collection 6.1
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Author Arturia V Collection 6.1
I broke down and bought this, the Fairlight kinda sold me. It's a really fuckin' impressive set of synths, they all sound fantastic too. I haven't done an a/b with my minimoog to theirs but i'm overall impressed. Only bummer is i have a bunch of Prophet VS patches a friend gave me from an old Collection in .provbank format, which i guess the new V3 Prophet V won't read.

Thoughts? Tips? Discuss away.
Are you aware there is a VC4 Updater which, as I understand it, updates earlier presets for V5?
dubonaire wrote:
Are you aware there is a VC4 Updater which, as I understand it, updates earlier presets for V5?

I am, but apparently you must own the previous versions of the software to use other words i can't just load the V2 patches into the updater, it has to read them from the V2 itself confused
How processing power hungry are these?
orangehexagon wrote:
How processing power hungry are these?

It varies. I'm on 2014 maxed out iMac and don't have any issues unless i'm running a fuckload at the same time, in which case i'll freeze the background ones i'm not fucking with.
Absolutely love the V collection. I don't own any of the synths represented but they all sound fantastic to my ears.
I think the upgrade price from version 5 is too high for what you get, at least for me. If the upgrade goes on sale for $99 or less then I will buy it. Otherwise I will wait.
I like what Arturia did with this line-up. The UI is great and a lot easier to work with as opposed to the Korg Legacy VSTs. And they also included a ton of presets for each instrument so anyone will surely find something up their alley to further tweak out.

Speaking of tweaking, almost every soft synth in this line-up has a "hidden" panel with extra knobs, parameters or envelopes. I only discovered the panels after a few months of usage so they are really not that obvious.
Just bought the collection, couldn't resist after getting the 50% discount via Native Instruments. Played around with the Modular, 2600, SEM and Piano, hitting the 20 minute mark with each in what felt like 5 minutes.

I still think they feel a little cold compared to the U-he Diva, partly because of the awesome "trimmer" section in that one. But I am a sucker for GUI:s and the identity of a synthesizer. I love having the SEM or the 2600 in front of me, what's there is there, I can navigate the interface with ease and find the process of making sounds fun despite the mouse clicking and dragging.
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