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Kilners (aka Blawans) Boiler Room Sounds!
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Author Kilners (aka Blawans) Boiler Room Sounds!
So I just cant resist no more to ask for tips to achieve some of the sounds popping up in Kilners Boilerroom set (freaking great live modular set imo!). So for everybody who hasnt listened to it yet, here it is:

[video] [/video]

First of all I love the Sonority of the Kickdrum throughout most of the set.
For Example just listen to the intro part at about 3:00. It has some kind of beautiful dark shallow rumbling to it - and i cant imagine its only a reverb causing it. Any Idea how this could be achieved?

Also the Aliencreature like intro Sounds before the kick comes are super intresting. Sounds FMy to my ears. Im so curious where this could could from - sounds heavily modulated too.

So lets not be too specific. I'm pretty much hoping for any tips achieving sounds in this direction. Might be Patching tipps or maybe hints on modules.

And just in case to prevent anybody moaning about me - trying to replicate some sounds of other artists always helped my production skills to grow. (Ok at least in times i did music in DAW only - but i expect the same can be transferred into the Modular realm)

Cant get over this set. Fire Dead Banana
Run a search for Blawan and you’ll find a number of threads. In the article below, he mentions some of his favorite modules:

Blawan Article

In the shots below, you can make out a few modules. He uses a Jomox kick. His favorite distortion module is the TouellSkouarn Strakal Brulu 2.

Thanks for the tipps and the articles kwaidan! But I was already aware of this stuff Guinness ftw! I thought maybe there is intrest for some deeper discussion about his sounddesign and sounddesign in general. meh
If you are just looking for how he produced his kick drums for me it's clear that he's using a lot his jomox mod base, you can see it in all his videos or photos of him playing in gigs.

However maybe he's using more complex synthesis technics for his production but I'm not enough skilled to discern hihi

Btw with only the jomox kick module you can sculpt lots of lovely kicks and use internal lfo's to modulate your pitch, the cv in let you also modulate almost all everything.

So if you want to achieve same kicks maybe this module is the solution for you.
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