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* VIDEO * Metasonix drums for around $1000
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Author * VIDEO * Metasonix drums for around $1000
Since the Metasonix drum machines are finally appearing to be POPULAR!
Here is something that will work for around 1/2 the price.....

Watch a lot of videos for the Moog DFAM.
You will see that it is 2 VCOs (w FMing) a Noise & very basic sequencer.

Get 2 RK4s & 1 RK1 along with a euro mixer & Korg SQ-1.
Now this set up will not react exactly like the DFAM,
but it is close.

The trick is to FM the 2 RK4 modules & find that sweet spot that sounds
good as a Kick with low pitch CV & snare with higher pitches (toms in between)

This will not produce a distinct KICK-SNARE-HAT,
but neither will a DFAM.

However The 3 Metasonix modules will give you a great Kick & snare if that's all you need...……...
Guinness ftw!
KORG SQ-1 is probably not the best choice, but it works.
Here RK4 into RK5
top 8 steps into RK4 & bottom 8 steps into RK1

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